• ZENA

    Zena means “beautiful” in the local Arabic dialect.With generous dimensions and modernist touches throughout, the villa has a series of interlocking levels that makes the upper floors appear to float weightlessly.

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    Villa Zahara, or “flower,” represents a true sense of simple, natural beauty, combined with the intricacies
    of modern design. Zahara epitomises modern living, combined with the ancient traditions of the riad.

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    In villa Tamara, meaning “date palm tree,” the most sophisticated of cubist design creates a sense of space and tranquillity. The villa offers an array of different living areas, all with direct links to the outside. The garden is like an oasis with infinity and plunge pools and peaceful water features.

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    Noora meaning “the bright one,” draws inspiration from local customs, the elevated entranceway takes every visitor on a journey through various spaces before arriving at the extensive living area. From the hall is a spectacular view through sizeable windows to the garden and beyond.

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    Villa Yasmina, or “jasmine,” like the fragrant white flower, offers a private Hammam, four master bedrooms, dining and guest spaces and family room. The many different zones create a variety of living areas – all beautifully, visually interconnected.

    The extensive swimming pool, calming water features and Zen-like design of the garden add to the overall ambience of tranquillity, while intricate pergolas define beautiful shaded areas, perfect for propagating lush greenery, sheltered from the Moroccan sun.

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